Grant Guidelines

The Southern Harford County Rotary (SHCR) Club is able to assist charitable organizations and grant scholarships through the money it raises from events. This amount varies from year to year. SHCR will accept applications from organizations that fit our vision and mission for Southern Harford County and that meet the requirements below. SHCR is looking for organizations to receive funds from our annual fundraiser who support our mission and vision in benefiting children in our service area.

The Southern Harford County Rotary is interested in funding:

  • Programs that meet immediate, basic needs of children in Southern Harford County either directly or indirectly by helping their families
  • Selected long-term needs such as literacy programs, counseling, treatment or intervention programs (non-inclusive)
  • Both new and ongoing programs
  • Countywide programs that demonstrate how a grant from SHCR will assist southern Harford County children
  • Programs that are sustainable and include opportunities for members of SHCR to actively participate
  • Programs that can assist SHCR in its annual fundraising efforts
  • Programs that can publicly promote SHCR's efforts to the community

Regretfully, support is not provided for:

  • Programs that do not serve children or their families in Southern Harford County
  • Annual giving
  • Capital campaigns
  • Galas, special events, golf tournaments, or other fundraising events
  • Operating support (general support to pay salaries, rent, utilities, etc)
  • Individuals except scholarships
  • National or local chapters for specific diseases
  • One-time only events, seminars, or workshops
  • Advertisements, sponsorships, or boosters
  • Pre-incurred expenses
  • Political activities


  • Your organization must be a charitable organization exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Southern Harford County Rotary (SHCR) does not promise or guarantee continued funding.
  • Your organization may request funding from SHCR no more than one time per year.
  • If selected, your organization must support the event through ticket sales, sponsorship and auction donations, including the kick-off event.
  • If selected, your organization will attend and speak at the kick-off event.  Your board and advocates are required to attend the event.
  • If selected, your organization will provide two promotions per month for the event on your social media.  The event will also be listed on your website with a link to the Southern Harford County Rotary event site.

Reporting Requirements

  • If you are given funds by SHCR, the head of your organization must sign a statement agreeing to spend the money for the purpose it was requested.
  • One year from the date of receiving the check, your organization must write us a letter or email, to explain the program's success, to include the number served from the Edgewood/Joppa/Abingdon area and any follow through.

Application Process

The application process is as follows:

  1. This application is due by July 31st
  2. Each organization will be invited to present their plan to SHCR's grants committee in August, September or October.
  3. All presentations will be complete by October.
  4. SHCR will announce the beneficiary for the year's fundraising efforts in October.
Download Giving Guidelines and Grant Application
(WORD document)

Please complete and send via email to

Conflict of Interest

The Southern Harford County Rotary Club wants to be fair and objective in its giving. 

The members of the Rotary Club are involved in many community activities as volunteers, donors, and members of boards.

When it is time for SHCR to decide which organizations are to receive funds, it will ask club members to absent themselves from voting on a proposal from any organization in which they are involved.


Our vision is to provide for children of southern Harford County by ensuring they are secure, protected, thriving, valued, and nurtured.

Our mission is to assist children in southern Harford County, as a group or through their families, to reach their maximum potential.